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Heart Chakra !

heart chakra stones

There  are two beautiful stones…. some of my favorites …. that are great for meditating on your Heart Chakra….  They are  Rose Quartz and Aventurine.  Rose Quartz is a pale pink stone, sometimes almost white and sometimes darker pink.  It is said to help purify the heart and bring compassion. It  promotes inner healing and self-love.  Rose Quartz is believed to be sacred to Cherokee Shamans and Wiccans.   Aventurine is said to help relieve troubled emotions and encourage emotional recovery and help you live your own truth. It is often speckled with mica that have a “twinkling”

rose quartz heart chakra necklacegreen heart chakra stone

effect when the light hits it just right. Both of these stones are best worn at your heart chakra… and I am featuring some necklaces for this Valentines Day coming up soon.   So check my website in the next couple of days to see what I come up with… 🙂



  1. Jennifer C

    I ordered an energizing necklace with a calming, soothing stone. I love it. It is not only beautiful–it helps to keep me calm and focused throughout the day.


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